Impetigo is a common and highly contagious skin infection that causes sores and blisters. It’s not usually serious and often improves within a week of treatment or within a few weeks without treatment.


Non-bullous impetigo:

  • Starts with red sores- usually around nose and mouth but other areas can be affected.
  • Sores burst quickly leaving behind thick, golden crusts typically around 2cm across.
  • After crusts dry they leave a red mark on the skin which usually fades without scarring after between a few days and a few weeks.

Bullous impetigo:

  • Appearance of fluid filled blisters- usually on central part of body between waist and neck.
  • Blisters may spread quickly before bursting after several days to leave a yellow crust that heal without scarring.
  • Blisters may be painful and the area of skin surrounding them may be itchy.
  • Fever
  • Swollen glands

When to see your GP:

We advise you to bring your child to see their GP if you feel they have symptoms of Impetigo.