Sick Notes

What is a sick note / Med 3 ?

A sick note or sometimes known as a Med 3 is a legal form which is completed by a GP to state that you are not fit to work for a period of time. Your employer may require this from you if you are on long-term sickness.

How do I request a sick note / Med 3 ?

For the first 7 days of being off, you are able to self-certify yourself. After this time you will need to arrange an appointment with a GP, the length of sickness and suitability for your circumstances. If your employer asks for your sick note, we advise you to give them a copy of the sick note not the original.

Please note we require 48 hours (2 working days) notice to complete a sick note.

Sick Note Extension 

If your sick note is running out and you feel you need an extension, then you will need to contact our Reception team for further advice. Please ensure that you provide specific details as the date of when your current sick note runs out and the date that you want an extension until. Please note sick notes cannot be predated so you must request an extension after your current one has ended, however they can be backdated if necessary.

For more information regarding taking sick leave please select the link below, which will take you to our government’s website.

Requests for Medical Certificates for school children during term time

If your Child’s school has requested a certificate or sick note the following document can be printed off to be handed directly to the school themselves, NHS GPs are not contractually obliged to provide a sick note for pupils who are off sick from school. They are also not obliged to provide sickness certification for students that miss an exam or believe their performance was affected due to illness.

Sicknote-Letter-for-Schools-request- (1)