On occasion you may be asked by a clinician (doctor or nurse) to provide us with a sample. A sample can include a number of things including urine or faeces. You should be provided with a specimen pot and a form to go with this.

It is important to ensure that the sample you are providing us with is in one of our sample pots as these are all sterilised. Samples given into us in any other container will not be accepted as we cannot guarantee the sample results will be correct. Please also ensure your sample pot is clearly labelled.

Please be aware sample results can take up to 7 days to be processed by the hospital and sent to your GP. You can call our Reception team after 2pm to get your sample results but please note we will not contact you if your results are normal.

Samples given in to the surgery after 3pm on a Friday will not be accepted. This includes samples which are posted through our letter box over the weekend. This is due to the collection times therefore samples being unusable.